Bureaucrats are the “predatory class” that feeds on everybody else… it’s time to STOP the predators

If there’s one thing that’s quickly becoming evident the longer this federal shutdown continues, it’s the fact that there’s a whole lot of dead weight in government that’s gobbling up taxpayer dollars. It’s also now abundantly clear that many of our so-called “public servants” are really just wolves in very thin sheep’s clothing, preying on the populace using the constant threat of violence.

While the role of government would seem to be, at least in theory, all about protecting the rights and freedoms of those being governed, most governments – including our own – end up becoming little more than “legitimate” protection rackets, explains Robert Gore from Straight Line Logic. This means that they expect routine payments in the form of tax dollars in exchange for the “protections” they provide – or else!

It’s hardly a system centered around true freedom and liberty, and yet this is where we are today. Sure, things would appear to be easing up under the Donald Trump presidency, as certain “deep state” players run scurrying to their hideouts as the Commander-in-Chief shakes things up in a way this nation hasn’t seen for many decades. But has anything truly changed for the better?

Gore warns that the arms races of the past, followed by ever-increasing budgets for more powerful militaries and defense systems, as well as increased foreign intervention – or what Americans have come to know as endless wars – have all created a paradigm in which governments have now attained near-all-powerful status, second only to God Almighty himself.

He says the lies that are constantly being perpetuated about the need for greater security and more force have only increased the power of bureaucratic predators, many of whom are sociopaths and psychopaths obsessed with power and a desire to impose control over others – to the point that the prey end up powerless and practically dead, ready to be feasted on by saprophytes, or the organisms that live on dead or decaying matter.

“We’re much closer to that stage than even astute critics recognize,” Gore contends. “It’s been obscured by the predatory mechanisms of debt and central banking, designed to enrich elite predators while maintaining a mirage of prosperity.”

“The global economy is in extremis, kept alive by a drip feed of ever-expanding debt whose source feed is government’s unbacked fiat debt and central bank monetization. Now, not even those shell games can keep the patient alive.”

Have enough prey woken up to stop the predators from obtaining total global control over the masses?

The natural next step for big government is to merge with other big governments – a system that’s been popularized under the name of globalism. It’s where the world is headed – America included – apart from a mass insurrection against the predators by the prey. But have we as a society already crossed the threshold of no return?

“Globalism is the last desperate gasp for the predators,” Gore warns. “It will destroy any remaining economic vitality and leave the killing field open to the saprophytes.”

The writing is on the wall for governments’ predatory rackets: nonstop wars, bloated military and intelligence complexes, crony socialism, central banking, medical care, education, regulatory extortion, vote-buying via redistributive theft, unfunded pension and medical promises, and the rest of the criminal activity that has rendered the world insolvent.”

The good news is that the prey is finally waking up to the fact that the government isn’t our protector, nor does it have our best interests at heart. But this is only occurring, in many cases, because people are starting to feel the consequences of unfettered government control as it’s now affecting their wallets.

Be sure to read Gore’s full analysis of the situation at StraightLineLogic.com.

You can also keep up with the latest news on this subject at Collapse.news.

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